So You've Found Me...

I don't know why I'm so fascinated by the Google keywords that have led some people to my blog.  I find them thoroughly entertaining.  Since I expect to keep adding new ones, I figured I'd add this segment as its own page instead of a single post.  I hope that at least one of you reading this actually found my blog by searching some of these more ridiculous keywords/phrases:

drop the soap
dropping the soap
soap drop
[several other versions of drop and soap]
michigan basketball
fucked up text messages
doug loves movies mr belvedere story
fellatio blogspot
funny looking babies [holding the all-time top spot]
mr belvedere's balls doug loves movies
christopher hewett sat on his balls
google image search hairy butthole [what the fuck?]
oops wrong person stories
opened porn at work
porn on my iphone at work
redneck 69th birthdays [again, wtf?]
naked roommate blogspot
hot dog grilled cheese
hairy scrotum
empty scrotum
healthy scrotum
pumpkin scrotum
[all kinds and versions of scrotum]
sperm donors are jerkoffs [ok, but wtf?]
funny homeless black
boyz in the sauna [this a porno now?]
chicago sauna men only
flintstone poem
ewok hipster [who did this?]
nyquil kids [ha. evil parents.]
redhead actor who played hipster in happy endings
kapl sucks
graffiti with punctuation
580 jesus saves
afro blue white girl [this puts a huge smile on my face]
batman underwear costume sexy men
quarter machine
sexy nude asian hunks with hard cocks [seriously. wtf?]
samantha stosur arms
puss in boots costume
george costanza
don't scare me, i poop easily [I'm not creative enough to make this stuff up!]

The list will continue... I guarantee it.  I truly don't know how the wtf's are related to my blog at all, or why google brought the visitors to me after they typed in these search keywords.  Does my blog really scream "hairy butthole" or "redneck 69th birthdays"?

I can't wait to see what future keywords will bring new readers to me,