Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urban Ho Hoe Hoes

Let me start by continuing to influence the youth of our country.  The youth of our world.  Based on a fantastic article that I wrote a few months ago, yet another of my words was accepted into the Urban Dictionary:  Cheesist.

Thanks for your definition of Cheesist!
Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on urbandictionary.com.
It should appear on this page in the next few days:
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Cheesist Urban Dictionary
1. One who thinks they're too good for Kraft American Singles.
2. A person that is prejudice toward bright orange American cheese.
3. A person that will not eat cheese at all.
Those cheesist Californians think their palettes are too refined to enjoy the simple pleasures that are Kraft American Singles.
Your chubby friend that keeps unwrapping and eating cheese slices out of our fridge, he's definitely not cheesist.

While I'm influencing our vernacular, I need clarification on exactly how we're collectively spelling 'ho'/'hoe'.  Until the last year or so, a pimp always slapped his 'hoes'.  And your mom was a 'hoe'.  Yes, just like the garden tool.  But the more I'm online, the more I'm realizing that I may have mistakenly read into Santa's jolly cheer when he was really just laughing at his bitches.

1/3 of Santa's Hos, or Hugh Hefner in a Santa costume?
Definitely a hoe.
Definitely a Ho.
Unsure what these even mean now...

I distinctly remember thinking people were stupid if they forgot the 'e' in 'hoe'.  I feel like it was spray painted or carved everywhere in my town growing up.  I was just as frustrated with people who couldn't spell 'faggot' correctly.  I mean, I hate that word, but if you're gonna pull it out, don't weaken its power by making me laugh at your spelling.
Ho or Hoe?  Or Douche Nozzle?

Apparently it is indeed 'ho'.  Thanks for the clarification, Luda.
Now my childhood was wasted (except I still don't know how to spell the plural of ho),

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