Monday, September 12, 2011

Stosur's Arms

Last night, Sam Stosur won her first tennis major by thoroughly thrashing Serena Williams.  Yes, tennis.  Some of us watch classy sports like that.  Hell, I've been to the U.S. Open twice.  Anyway, this was the first time that I can ever remember not rooting for Serena.  Why you ask?

Because I'm in love with Samantha Stosur's arms.

I want her to punch me in the face with them.

I want her to defend my honor at some bar and punch the fuck outta somebody.

I was pretty infatuated with her during the French Open two years ago.  I think she should have won, but she lost to the old, funny-looking, Italian chick.  I thought that there was something powerful in her play, but I couldn't nail down what made her so attractive.  I mean, the way her balls kick out makes for great tennis.  It wasn't until last night, while watching her destroy one of my girls, that I said aloud what it was.

I turned to Annie and told her how much Stosur's arms did it for me.  Annie replied by notifying me that her arms were way too big, and that they look like they belong to a man.  Her conclusion was that I must be in love with big, strong, muscular men.  Maybe this is my first step in admitting how hot muscles are.  Maybe Annie is pushing me outta the closet.  Maybe I really do just one some crazy girl with arm muscles to punch me in the face.  Wait, did I already say that?

You and me, Stosur.  You and me.  Have your people call mine,


  1. Hahaha thanks for the laugh ..if I ever run into her I'll pass your URL along to her so she can punch you ;)

    PS I love tennis also and am crazy jealous you've been to the US Open!

  2. Annie isn't just pushing you out of the closet. With those massive, meaty, man-arms? She's knocking over the entire house. You're just running out of the closet because your choice is to escape or be crushed. lol


  3. SHE GOT LUCKY!! lol I am Serena all the way ROB you cannot ditch Her because a girl is cute! hahahah