Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annob's Drunken Books

Annie and I have long discussed the small business we intend to open when we get older (or when we can't stand being engineers anymore).  It will be a used book store, with a wine bar in the back.  We're going to call it Annob's Drunken Books.  I'm not positive that the word Drunken can be in the name of a store that sells alcohol, but we're going to try real hard.  (The word Annob is described here.)

We have most of it planned out: I'll be in charge of wine.  Annie is going to be in charge of cheese plates at the wine bar.  She'll most likely run the finances and pricing for the store (we think she might get an MBA in the future), but we'll make most of the decisions together.  We want a screen that we can roll down and project onto for hosting Michigan Football parties.  We'd like to have some maize and blue photographs/paintings, but we'd also like to have a local artist use our wall-space as a gallery for selling their art.  We'll each have sections of books that we choose/specialize in (I'm a Fantasy/ Sci-Fi guy).

There are a few things that we still haven't agreed upon: I want the bar in the back, but Annie pictures a circular bar in the center.  We also have no fucking idea where we are going to open it.  (We don't really know where we'll settle down.  Ann Arbor?)

This week, we've hit a snag with our plans.  What if people don't read paper books anymore?  It sounds ridiculous, but is it that ridiculous?  We've debated that books are more timeless than items like records, since you don't need any special equipment to read them.  People still buy records, regardless.  However, our generation, in general, is really into the next big techie thing.  What if people have no interest in paper books in the future?

It's kind of mind blowing to think about.  At least, for those of us that still read regularly.

Forever reading paper books (please don't let me sell out),


  1. If paper books go "extinct" you might be able to be a "hot spot" to access books for people using their Kindles or equivalent.

    I hope paper books don't go extinct. I much prefer them for engineering/text books to digital formats. It's hard to put your arm or a sticky note in a pdf to hold the page.

  2. but if paper books become a thing of the past that may make your bookstore that much more will be like a book museum!

  3. Nostalgia. And circle bar in the middle. It's your gimmick, embrace it.