Thursday, April 19, 2012

My First Cavity

I'm 27.  I rinse my mouth with straight peroxide.  I brush every day.  I floss.
I love that my teeth are naturally quite white.  They're not perfectly straight, but there's nothing so glaringly obvious that would convince me to get braces.

They're not perfect.  I only had to get 3 wisdom teeth removed.  For some reason, the 4th one never showed up.  When I'm sick and my teeth start to dull, you can see two weird white spots on my top, front two teeth.  I was told it was a result of being a sickly kid, since rising temperatures cause parts of your teeth to come in more dense than the surroundings.  My guns all line up except for one tooth on the bottom of my mouth.  I really don't think people notice these things.  My mouth has always healed quickly.  In general, I love my teeth.

Then I moved to KY.
Bam!  Two small cavities in the back of my mouth.  That wasn't on my 30 by 30.

The dentist said he told a girl yesterday that she had her first cavity.  She cried.  I felt her pain.

Fuck my teeth,


  1. At the age of 25 I decided I needed a new dentist here in NYC and on my first visit he gave me my very first cavity award. Damn....then every 6 months after that I would see him and I'd have more cavities. This didn't make any sense - I take perfect care of my teeth and while a cavity is bound to happen eventually, why was it now happening constantly?

    After 3 years and about 7-8 cavities later I decided to change dentists...yea I haven't had a cavity in the last 2 years (4 visits.) FUCK that - this guy was most likely drilling holes in my teeth for money. And since I'm super vain I paid him extra for the white fillings. Bastard. My new dentist told me he was most likely taking me for a ride based on the previous dental work he had done and he's had other people go to him with the same issues.

    Sorry for the narcissistic rant - bottom line - it never hurts to get a second opinion, even with dentists.

  2. "Sorry for the narcissistic rant - bottom line - it never hurts to get a second opinion, even with dentists."

    I absolutely agree with the other fellow comment, especially this sentence. I will add - even third opinion.

    I'm almost 24. I have perfect oral hygiene - brushing two times a day, flossing, rinsing, eating healthy food. I admit sometimes I drink soda and chocolate (I'm a human being after all) but almost immediately clean my teeth afterwards. I didn't go to the dentist for nine(!), yes, nine years. No pain in teeth etc. But anyway my dad persuade me into visiting the dentist. So I went there and I was shocked when I was proclaimed with two cavities. I was so angry and disappointed I couldn't calm down. So after ranting with my family how this is so unfair I decided to see other dentist. The second said I have just one cavity and the other "cavity" was just a dark-coloured spot but definitely not a cavity. I felt much better but still I decided to visit third dentist. He said the same - just one cavity. So with these two opinions I made my choice. Tomorrow I'll get my first ever cavity filling and I sure dread the day I was discovered with one and will be even more persistent trying to avoid cavities for future.