Thursday, October 27, 2011


I hope this isn't just me.  I fear it may be.  I also fear it may help Annie prove that their is something wrong with me.  She claims I have Asberger's.  Or some other ailment that hasn't been diagnosed yet.  She calls one 'super focus'.

I see the number 215 everywhere.  Sometimes it's broken up like $2.15 or 2/15.  But it still follows me around.

2/15 is my birthday.  That's why I started to pay special attention to the numbers as a child.  Tons of things always seemed to be scheduled for that day.  A $1.99 thing at the store would come out to $2.15 with tax.  It'd be the number that my mom drew at the deli counter.  The address of the place we were going would be 2115.  Or 1215.  I'd be customer/receipt #215 at Taco Bell.

Granted, sometimes it's a stretch, but I'm going to start pointing it out to Annie now that she knows what I'm thinking.  We'll see if it's true, or if I'm really just crazy.

Does this happen to everyone?  Is this just a birthday thing?  Or is the number 215 actually everywhere?

Please, please, please tell me that it isn't just me,


  1. I always see 818 everywhere (my birthday). It's on license plates, in two of my student ID numbers, and I always happen to look at the clock at 8:18. My roommate is pretty sick of me shouting out "birthday time!!"

    So, either you're completely normal....or we're both crazy.

  2. Pretty sure you're crazy. I see my birthday everywhere (11/7) but only because of 7/11.

  3. This post kinda reminds me of the movie Pi. But I have had similar things with numbers and objects (for me it's typically base 2 numbers). I've also noticed this with models of cars. Once I take notice of a certain car model/color, I'll see them all over the place (where I hadn't seen it at all before that).

    One of my co-workers always knows when it is 11:11, and an announces it (both in the morning and at night).

  4. totally see my birthday everywhere too