Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 Days of Xmas Videos - Day #2

Pentatonix won The Sing Off, but weeks before that I did some hardcore, online stalking of the members.  The best thing I found was Kevin O's (the beat boxer's) Youtube feed, where he has a bunch of really modern and interesting cello and beatboxing videos.  He even included a holiday video,  just for me!

One interesting thing to note is that Kevin is very religious, and it was due to him that Pentatonix sang "Oh my Gosh" to the lyrics of Usher's ♫ O.M.G. ♫ as well as dropping the 'booty' line from their version altogether.  Morals on reality TV?  No way!  (Ok, maybe for the stuffy group of Mormons from BYU...)

Happy Holidays,

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