Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 Days of Xmas Videos - Day #3

One of my favorite Xmas songs ever is the tenor-licious The Broadway Boys' version of ♫ Hark! The Herald Angels Sing ♫.  It was a classic song that I always disliked because it was boring, and they really rock'd and diva'd it out for me in their version.  This song was included in the 12 Days of Xmas Music on December 5th, 2009 (Day #5 of its inaugural year).  (If you have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about because you weren't included in that very small email list in 2009, then you can see the video [with un-spectacular sound quality] here.)

Anyway, Jesse Nager (the genius behind the Bway Boys) is one of the few Youtube channels I follow.  Thoroughly scouring the interwebz for more tenor-diva madness led me to this gem of a video.  Danny Calvert (singer on the right) was always my fave, but they went and snagged Marty Thomas for an epic diva-off of the hands-down best holiday song written and released in the past 2 decades.  Enjoy Mariah Carey's modern-day classic!

Word on the street is that these 2 fight over the chance to wear those sparkly blazers out on the town, since they refuse to be caught with both of them wearing them outside of performances.  Danny apparently is winning that battle, and Marty apparently really wanted Danny's lips to sparkle for this performance.

Happy Holidays,

P.S.  If more than half of this post made no sense to you, don't worry.  This goes out to my fellow Broadway geeks out there!

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