Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Signature Outfit

In general, I feel like I know enough about fashion to get by.  I thoroughly enjoy Project Runway (though I didn't watch All-Stars), but I think it might be because I'm so impressed by what those designers are able to create with their hands... and so quickly.

That being said, I rarely, rarely look nice.  I'm aware of it.  For some reason, I like to wear all of the same color, even if it's different shades.  I know it's breaking all kinds of fashion rules, but it makes me happy.  I like to wear shorts and a jacket.  Heck, I like to wear short sleeves and a tie.  Which is how we got here:

This is one of the best pictures of me ever taken (Thanks, Paki D!).  I never enjoy having my picture taken, cuz I'm funny looking.  The picture was provided to me after it was slightly altered (way before Instagram, or whatever).  This has everything going, though.  My signature thumbs-up-for-a-picture, my hair, though jew-fro-ey, looks under control.  I've got a drink in my  hand, and you're looking at my 'good side'.  I'm wearing a black polo, and a silver/white tie.  It was something that I just decided to try the night of this party.  (Also, on this night, I played Wii for the first time.  It forced me to purchase one within the following month.)

I loved this so much, that I seriously thought to myself, 'I should make this my signature outfit'.  Polo and tie. Polos are more comfortable then stuffy, pressed shirts.  They have a collar for the tie.  I can be comfortable, look classy, and it'd be an outfit that was distinctively ~RoB.

Annie said no.  I never fully admitted how much I loved this outfit, but every time I try to do it again, Annie says no.  She thinks she's got better fashion sense than me.  I'd love to try the ensemble again, with shorts and different combos of polos/ties, but I guess I'll have to wait for her to travel out of town.  Or, maybe she'll realize how amazing it is after reading this.

Polos & Ties.  You heard it here first,


  1. Replies
    1. Really? Check out your boy Darren in the opening scene of Saturday Night Glee-ver:
      Bow ties are ties.

  2. I know where you're coming from (sort of) I recently realized that I have four of the same dresses. However, I feel like it's safe to say the dresses look a little nicer than a polo and tie. I think I have to side with Annie on this one...No.

    I want to note, I feel bad that the first time I'm reading your blog I'm telling you no. Don't take it personal ;)