Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Party: Part 2 - Nightlife

At this point, my birthday was almost 3 months ago.  That's how pathetic my blogging has become.  But dammit, I led you on, so here's the rest of the story.  The celebration of my birthday this year began with a wine crawl.

After dinner, Annie and I returned home, only to be picked up by two of our friends and dragged downtown to a club.  We started at Hugos.  The dance floor was smaller than I expected, but in general, there was more room than I'm used to at a bar.  I got a little drink on, a little dance on, and I apparently took pictures with strange men (note:  not a gay bar).

I don't know these guys. Not sure why he's touching me, but that last guy is Pitbull.
See, it's the same person.

I was wearing what I previously referred to as my 'lucky shirt' (it did nothing for me at the horse races, so it's now just a shirt).  I decided I needed to start unbuttoning to show people how cool my shirt was.

I was taking off my shirt. Annie was trying to stop me.

If you recognize that shirt, then you probably hung out with me in New Jersey for the summer of 2007.  Other than that, only one person has recognized it.  It happened at my favorite Champagne Brunch in L.A.  The guy who recognized it knew the people that produced the webseries, took a pic of me wearing it, and shook my hand.  Here's the show:

Anyway, we then progressed to Skybar.  The name sounded very cool and L.A.  However, it was just a lounge.  I continued to dance, even though I was the only one.  I continued to drink, too, though I was not the only one.  I'll probably never go back to Skybar, but I'm not upset for trying it out.  It was really cool to see how busy downtown Lexington gets at night on the weekends.  It's the most people I've seen walking around downtown since moving here.

The night ended, conveniently, at the iHop that's pretty much across the street from our house.  Downside:  there was a pretty long wait to get a table.  It was almost 3am.  Apparently, all drunken Lexingtonians had the same thought in mind.  We all wanted to eat so that we woke up the next morning.  I love me some stuffed french toast from iHop, so I was gonna wait however long it required for me to stuff them into my face.  Annie may or may not have zonked out while sitting in the booth.

Since my life is awesome, this wasn't quite the last interesting thing to happen.  Some bitches sitting behind Annie and our friend decided to stand up and tell us to stop pounding on the booth.  The girl that I was sitting next to, part of our crew, is about 6'6" and looks like she could kick all of our asses.  She asked me to let her out of the booth so that she could single-handedly fuck up this whole group, but I wouldn't.

Those bitches are lucky I didn't want to end my birthday party in jail,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why the Ads?

I'm, uh, poor.

And my blogging has dropped significantly since I stopped having a job where I could blog while getting paid.
Not that my life isn't still crazy, or that I don't have funny observations of life anymore.  I just spend all my free time with about 5 part-time jobs trying to make me some $$.

I don't plan on making much money from the Ads, but I'm hoping that it will be motivation enough to come back to blogging.

If I see a big dip in number of readers since y'all hate to see the annoying ads, I guess I'll just stop blogging here.  We'll just return to the days where 'you had to be there' to be part of my ridiculousness.

By the way, I have been blogging since I left, for blogs that help make me money.  You can learn about my Zumba career here.  You can also learn about my winemaking career here.

This blog has been a blast, so I'm really hoping that I can get my fat face in front of the computer again and tell everyone what I'm thinking about.  Thanks for your patience during the transition.  Everyone, but you, Nick.  You've kind of been a dick about me not writing.  (At least you care ;)

Do us all a favor, and click on an ad every once in a while ;)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

My First Cavity

I'm 27.  I rinse my mouth with straight peroxide.  I brush every day.  I floss.
I love that my teeth are naturally quite white.  They're not perfectly straight, but there's nothing so glaringly obvious that would convince me to get braces.

They're not perfect.  I only had to get 3 wisdom teeth removed.  For some reason, the 4th one never showed up.  When I'm sick and my teeth start to dull, you can see two weird white spots on my top, front two teeth.  I was told it was a result of being a sickly kid, since rising temperatures cause parts of your teeth to come in more dense than the surroundings.  My guns all line up except for one tooth on the bottom of my mouth.  I really don't think people notice these things.  My mouth has always healed quickly.  In general, I love my teeth.

Then I moved to KY.
Bam!  Two small cavities in the back of my mouth.  That wasn't on my 30 by 30.

The dentist said he told a girl yesterday that she had her first cavity.  She cried.  I felt her pain.

Fuck my teeth,