Friday, July 22, 2011

Etcetera Jobs

Whatever town you live in, you should go to, search for jobs, and then search for 'etcetera jobs' specifically.

You there?


How much semen does this country need?  Every day I see multiple posts for sperm donors.  Is it that hard to find guys who are willing to jerk off into a cup for money?  Hell, I'd do it (and I seriously considered it for $$ in L.A.), but there's no way I have good enough genes for passing the minimal amount of screening they must do.  I mean I'm smart, but it is an anomalous condition in my family, and I'm also fat and predisposed to cancer and diabetes.

But seriously.  Every city.  Sperm, sperm, sperm.  Jerking off into a cup for money.  How many of us are doing this at home for free?  Maybe I should come up with some sort of 'privacy of your own home sperm donation' service.
sperm, sperm, sperm.

I understand eggs and surrogate mother posts.  I just can't wrap my head (one above my shoulders) around this country's sperm shortage.  Maybe I should come up with some sort of 'frat house satellite collection site' service.

Oops, I meant to search 'frat boy jerking off,' not 'frat boy jerk off'.

I think applying for all these jobs is starting to get to me,

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