Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have a big thing for redheads.  I have this fun game that I play in my head when I see a girl with red hair.  No matter what she looks like, I try to analyze if I'd do her.  Sometimes I say 'yes' to myself, and then I look at the person again and think that if she didn't have red hair (and the ginger complexion), I'd probably rather hit her with my car than talk to her, let alone have sex with her.  Some fairly unattractive creatures have passed my mental redhead test.  And, I'm pretty sure I can trace my issues back to one redhead: Ginger Spice.

The Spice Girls were big as I was going through puberty in middle school.  Since I was surprisingly popular throughout middle school (yeah, I don't know either), I was always 'with it' when it came to music on the radio.  I truly am forever a child of the 90s, so lite rock and pop music will always be my Achilles' heel.  Anyway, the Spice Girls were popular, my girlfriend (had several, but only one real on-and-off relationship before high school) and her friends listened to them, I thought their music was fun, most of them were smokin' hot, and Ginger Spice became almost an obsession.  Her popularity happened to line up with a hormonal time in my life, and now I'm forever a ginger-lover.

I've only ever dated 1.5 redheads.  (One was copper-ish, and not the flaming red that does it for me).  Can I just say redheads are crazy?  I mean, look how Geri Halliwell ended up.  In fact you can google 'crazy redheads' and find all kinds of men pointing out the same statement.  Maybe that has only increased their appeal to me.  (Who doesn't like a girl that might try and take a swing at 'em every once in a while?)  My last girlfriend in high school had red hair, and her whole family is crazy, but it made for a very, very fun and interesting time as I was turning 18.  I found this wonderful little ditty while googling:
Redhead for a night? Just having fun
Redhead for a wife? Better sleep with a gun.
I just thought you all should know.  If you're introducing me to one of your redhead friends, and I'm lost in thought for a few minutes, now you have an idea of the complex calculations going on in my head.  I've tried to get Annie to go red several times.  She thinks red highlights count.  They don't.  Full-out fire engine red or bust.

What I don't get is all the ginger hate in the news (and South Park) lately.  I mean, ginger guys certainly are goofy looking.  But their redheaded sisters are smokin' hot.

Leave those gingers alone, so they can grow up and lead a troupe of hotties to become 2-year pop sensations,


  1. I am NOT goofy looking.

  2. have you seen True Blood? Jessica is one hot red head.

  3. I've never seen True Blood. I'm intrigued now, though. A Google Image Search shall commence.

  4. Redheads rock! (Though I'm a little biased.)

  5. EuroAmerican transplantMarch 3, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    I'm w you Rob! Dated 2 red heads (full on fiery kind)...while it is a bit harder to find the cute guy versions, when they do exist they're gorgeous!

    1. I kind of want to see a picture. I can't think of a single redhead guy that does it for me.

    2. EuroAmerican TransplantMarch 5, 2012 at 10:29 AM

      Ron Weasley has grown up to be not so bad looking...right? And you can't deny the royal gorgeousness of Prince Harry! Then there's Stefano Masciolini...I just googled red heads and found him lol I'd have to make him my fave!
      Ps, I forgot one guy in univ so i'll have to make that 3 red heads dated...

    3. Prince Harry had slipped my mind. I'll def accept that one. Stefano isn't too bad. How about a redhead guy that looks good in his 40s? All these ginger boys look like teenagers.