Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

I don't like basketball, in general.  The only sports shown on TV that are worse to watch are golf and baseball.  However, I enjoy the finals of anything: World Cup, Olympics, World Series (just this year), and of course, March Madness.

Every year I make a bracket.  Every year, it dies a miserable death in the first day, and I try to ignore the fact that I ever even made a bracket.  Things were a little different this year.  In the first 8 games, I went perfect, and in the first day, I called 2 big upsets (Richmond and Moorehead St.).  Once the losses started coming, I figured that would be the end of it, but it wasn't!  On Saturday I was still ranked 322-nd overall with 340 points (1st had 370) on ESPN's Tournament Challenge.

For those that don't know, there are apparently 4.78 million brackets on ESPN's Tournament Challenge.  So, for a little while, I was in the upper 0.007% of brackets!!!  Then I hit a hard streak where Temple, Gonzaga, and Pitt fell.  Overall, I've fallen down to 25,886-th place with 99.6% accuracy, 1040 PPR, and 480 total points (first has 570).  [I'm 10 points behind Obama, but ahead of most of my friends.]

All that really matters is that I beat Annie's bracket, which is currently an easy task.  It sucks that I lost Pitt already, but I'm in first place in Annie's group (which has 4 people), I'm 17th in 'Fans of Michigan' (which is effectively tied for 4th), and I don't even want to look at what my rank is in the ESPN Sportsnation group.  Considering that I watched little basketball this season, and my picks were based on solid logic like 'yeah, I've heard of them before' and 'no douche nozzles in the Elite 8', I'm pretty proud with where I stand.  I should have thrown money down this year!  Let's see what tonight brings us.

Huge college basketball fan, unless I lose another Final 4 team,

F-U (wish I could cuss): W-cats, Aztecs, Mormons, Irish, and whatever Butler is..!

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