Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Banana

Annie: "Why is there a banana on my nightstand?"

Rob: "I may, or may not, have just found it in the pillow..."

This induced a little-girl-sleepover-caliber giggle fest.  Maybe you had to be there, at 11pm last night, after The King's Speech and a long bout of trying to get Angel to vomit up the 3 Cadbury Creme Eggs he ate while we were at the movie.

I had wanted to nap in Annie's car while at her soccer match on Sunday.  I also wanted to eat a banana.  I threw a banana in the pillow case and headed for the car.  I never got to the nap (or the banana).  I ended up taking Angel to a dog park instead.  Fast forward 12 hours or so, and the pillow has made it back to the bed, forgotten banana and all.  I laid down on it to call it a night, and I immediately wondered if my face just found Annie's hidden vibrator that I never knew about.  Nope.  Just my favorite radioactive fruit, waiting in there for tomorrow morning.

You don't have to be in elementary school to still appreciate the many available features of a pillow case,

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