Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Too School for Cool

Instead of concentrating on DIWMGf, we spent most of the time arguing rather the beanie she was wearing was orange or red.  I say orange, and I might have mentioned that she looked like a male Dutch soccer fan.  She said that I am just color confused, and spent some time looking around the room for orange-colored things to compare to: Chicago Bears stuff is usually everywhere, but we couldn't see any.  Is she hiding my Chicago Bears stuff?  That bitch!

Anyway, we then got into a deep conversation about what it will be like in Albany if we can't find any cool people to hang out with.  Their Michigan Alumni Club looks like it sucks, and it's not the coolest area, but there has to be some sort of young scene, right?  There's some colleges nearby.  It's a state capital of a flaming, blue state!?!

The conversation helped us discover that deep down, we think we are way cool.  Probably cooler than we actually are.  We also, apparently, have high standards for the quality of friends that we make.  Good luck, upstate New York.

I never knew I'd become so snobby,

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