Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where's the Blog, RoB?

The blog took a backseat this month to 47 pages of paperwork that were required in order for me to start my new job.  I'm still not completely finished, but I've at least submitted the biggest part for review.  March Madness and drinking have taken a big part of the last week, too, but I will have posts regarding both of those.

I am hoping to run a 5K this weekend as part of the Oakland Run/Walk festival.  I wanted to run on Sunday, in order to train, but instead got caught with Angel in a downpour.  I ran home, but it was apparently too late.  5 hours later, while at a friends house, you could hear/watch me descending into sickness oblivion.  I woke up Monday completely incapable of moving (full-body muscle cramps, pressure headache, head congestion, and wooziness).  I called off work, and I slept from 10pm Sunday to 4pm Monday with few sporadic 20 minute pee-drink-Nyquil-passbackout periods.

I feel better today, aside from a headache, slight dizziness, and weird stomach pings.  I'm sure I'll be fine by Saturday, but I'm thinking about leaving work a little early just to finish sleeping my way to 100%.

I also returned to upstate NY for a little business 2 weeks ago.  It did nothing to make me either more excited or less at the prospect of moving there.  I still worry that we won't find friends or fun things to do, but I am also excited at the prospect of buying a reasonably-priced house and having all those things that I miss about the Midwest (space, Fall, snow, etc.) and being so close to NYC (or should I just say Broadway).

By the way, I really want to see Book of Mormon, and our apartment taped and watched the 25th Anniversary Les Miserables Concert.  It was amazing!!!

So, there we are with a life update, and I'll return you to your regularly scheduled (though profanity free for 30-something more days even though I failed to implement it in my life) programming,

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