Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Job Offer!

Yesterday I got my first real job offer.  I have 2 weeks to consider it.  It would drag me out to upstate New York.  It takes a little pressure off my shoulders knowing that I have something, and that my life will be decided within the next 2 weeks, but the offer wasn't good enough for me to feel like it solved everything.

Here's some math, without getting specific, because it's rude to discuss money:
I figured out beforehand that I would absolutely accept an offer of X dollars, (though it was 6.5% below what an ideal offer would be, according to my brain).
I also told myself that I would seriously consider anything within 3% of the acceptable offer.
The offer was within 5%.  So, you see, it's not so low that I should flat-out refuse, but it's not where I saw myself accepting.  Everything else about the job seems right, it's just a money game.

Still actively looking for jobs.  Even if I accept this first offer, I'll be in the Bay Area for a few months while my new security clearance gets processed.

I'm pretty disappointed about my Bears.  It's also discouraging that I can't, in good conscience, root for the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  So, for a few hours of one day only, only to support the NFC North, I'll root for the (Fudge) Packers.  I continue to add things to storage and unpack things at Annie's.  Maybe I'll be less anxious in a day or so.  Just baked some blueberry muffins.

"... has some life decisions that [I] need to make..." (HR person of offering company),


  1. I'll say this Rob, take the job if you think you'll enjoy it and it fits in with where you (think) you want to go. It sounds like the money is in the ball park for what you're looking for. I'd rather be paid a bit less and enjoy what I'm doing than get paid a bit more and be miserable.

    I don't know how relevant my suggestion is, given that I took the "job" (grad school) that offered 1/4 the pay of another (industry).

  2. Angela: In Schenectady, near Albany.
    E.J.: I couldn't agree more.

  3. Naturally, you should counter-offer, no?

  4. Do it, money shouldn't get in the way of having a job you enjoy going to everyday.

    BTW, what are Annie's feelings on this? You're not going to leave her, are you? Will she look for a job near you?

  5. It's another division of the company Annie already works for, so getting her out there shouldn't be super difficult. Other wrench: they're on a salary freeze through 2012. Even though I'm awesome, the pay will be stuck at sub-par.

  6. Well congrats on the job offer regardless. It's definitely better to have at least one option going into your next couple weeks. So I said I wanted to visit you in LA, but since that never happened, maybe I'll be able to visit you wherever it is you end up.


  7. Well, Prez, you stay in Boston, and I may just have to come visit you!