Monday, January 28, 2013

Following a Cop

Who here does not immediately start to freak out when there's a cop behind them while they're driving?  Nobody?  Didn't think so.  We all do it.  My heart races as soon as a cop pulls out behind me, even if I have nothing to do with the situation.  One time, a cop peeled out from the shoulder of the freeway, drove up behind me, turned on his lights, and when I started to pull over (assuming I'd been caught), he pulled over the car directly in front of me.

Heart.... racing.......
OMG, cop!  Drop the phone.  What's my speed?  Of course I'm speeding.  Maybe he won't notice if I hit my brakes real quick.  Did he see that?  Is my seatbelt on?  Have I been drinking?  Before I know it, the car speeds past me to get to whatever he needed to get to.  I don't know, maybe Krispy Kreme just turned on their 'now destroying arteries' sign.  Why do I freak out every single time?!

But what if he's got a friend around here somewhere?  Am I entering a speed trap?  Did I use my blinker to turn on here?  Was that even a cop, or was it just some old lady in a white Crown Victoria?  Has he been following me?

Bum... bump.... bum... bump....
What I really want to know is, would they notice if we were following them?  Would there be any point where they might start to freak out?

The other day I was heading to downtown Lexington, using my preferred plethora of back roads to avoid stop lights.  A cop turned right on a red light just before I crossed the intersection, so I was directly behind him.  It appeared that we had the same route in mind.  After 3 or 4 turns, I started to wonder about this very subject.  Had he noticed that I appeared to be following him?  What if I was some renegade gang-banger looking to get my revenge on the copper that shot my baby-mama.  Did that make his heart start to race?

I hope so, 'cuz I owe 'em a few,

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