Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raw Nipples

I just jogged Lake Merritt with Angel.  It's our goal to be able to run the whole thing in consecutive days.  I've ran 5Ks before, but never within the same week (or month, even).

When I came home and walked into my kitchen for water, I lifted up my shirt to wipe my sweaty face.  It made me realize how raw my nipples were.  I think it was a combination of them being hard from the cold and exercise, and the design of the high school tennis shirt I ran in.

Raw, painful nipples were a regular occurrence during my ballroom dance competitions.  Tight, heavily starched shirts rubbing against sweaty, erect nipples makes for an irritating situation.  On more than one occurrence I had to unbutton my shirt beside the dance floor and apply bandaids to my large, purple-y nipples.  It was more awkward when I asked my ballroom coaches for advice.  They recommended Body Glide.  Rubbing vaseline on your nipples before putting a shirt on is almost worse than raw, painful nipples.

I feel like the lake is going to be inspiration for a lot of my best posts,


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzwf8O4ZCKk

    go shirtless

  2. I was still watching The Office for that episode. I laughed pretty hard, knowing exactly how he felt.

  3. As a runner, nip guards are a must. Bandaids work well if your nips are small enough. But if you forget, they get beyond raw. Bloody nipples aren't fun. - MW

  4. Yes, Rob, I was also going to suggest nip guards. They have the weirdest shit in running stores and I came across those once...hilarious but also so so practical for the running men folk...