Monday, November 4, 2013

Favorite Youtube Videos

Picture it: Sicily, 2013...
You're with a new group of friends. (I know, hard to imagine for those of you that don't move more often than seasons of Dancing With the Stars air, but work with me.) Anyway, you're with a bunch of people that don't know you very well, and therefore don't know your shameless plug of Youtube videos. I never know how it starts, but I do know that it regularly ends with the same streak of favorite Youtube videos being played on various devices (though most often a huge HD TV these days).

Since I keep a running list of them in my head, and since you only really read my blog to kill time, I figured I'd find a place like this to list them. Again, if you are an avid reader of my Facebook feed, none of these should surprise you. I'll even break them into categories, for your viewing pleasure.

Since meeting Annie, I"ve been turned into quite the soccer fan. High school me would call me 'gay', but high school me grew up a long time ago. I was just introduced (Saturday night during the Timbers win) to this NBC attempt at getting more 'mericans to watch soccer, and it is so on point!

Key & Peele is a sketch show. Sketch shows aren't typically good. In general, K&P is no exception. However, the East vs. West college bowl is hilarious from beginning to end (except for 3 players). Keep in mind that I collect names that I find absolutely ridiculous. The current list is topped by greats like: La-a ("Ladasha") & Abcde ("Absiddy").

I can't really remember how I came across this (my apologies for whomever originally introduced me), but the premise for this series of videos is great. A new father remakes random conversations that he has had with his daughter, but casts the role of his 2-yr-old to another full-grown man. This is my favorite episode that they've made so far.
"Because I am naked, I am the boss."

Bringing together my favorite 2 things:  ignorant religious fanatics and 90s pop culture.

Unfortunately, this went big when it was picked up by McDonald's. That fact frustrates me so much that I almost linked their version of Russian Unicorn instead, but I've learned through experience that you have to be familiar with Michael Buble's music and videos to really get the full enjoyment of its lip reading. So, here is A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL.

For Men Only
Girls can watch this, but they're not going to like it. They probably will not get it, either. Neither will boys. Men will.

OMG, how many times have I posted this?! This is still my favorite moment from any vocal reality show ever. 2-minute musical orgasm, commence.

Susan Boyle was a great moment in reality TV history. I'm a sap. What can I say? I fell in love with 11-yr-old Bianca Ryan on America's Got Talent. All that said, Jonathan from the Britain's Got Talent's 2012 audition is probably my favorite unsung hero of inspiring musical performances from reality shows. Look how much he's shaking! To top it off, the moment where he says he'd rather keep around that leach of a pop-soprano than to go on without her will put a ball in your throat. It helps that I like me some opera.
"We've come on here as a duo, we're going to stay..."

Les Mis is an epic musical/opera. If you only have one musical that you ever go see performed, it should be Les Mis. Fuck Phantom. Les Mis has lasted the test of time for a reason. Aside from that goddamn Jonas brother, I was extremely pleased with the most recent anniversary release of the concert version of the musical. The extras took it up a step, when cast originals showed up to sing songs with the current cast. Then Alfie Boe sang with 3 other Jean Valjeans, and my heart exploded. (This isn't the same version, since it was pulled from Youtube, but it's representative.)

I'm still hoping that Pentatonix gets big. I think everything that they do is really cool, and it'd be really hard for me to pick a single performance from their season of the Sing Off, but I'm going to have to. Just like you have to pick your favorite child sometimes. Here goes. Skip to 1:30.

Finally, Beauty and the Beast gets an urban remake.
LaWasha. LaDrya. Love.
Just Interesting
Do the Test. How many passes?

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  1. Great list, Rob. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times.