Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Popular!

There are wildly successful blogs out there.  Hyperbole & 1/2 is the first to come to mind (though she's been slacking as the whole book deal comes through).  There are blogs that have been going for years.  Blogs with tens of thousands of followers.  I'm fairly new to blogs.  I didn't read or follow any until I started one.  Then, much like when you first start playing a successful video game, the reason everyone has been into them becomes apparent.  It's actually overwhelming for a budding blogger who feels like he has a voice that hasn't been overdone yet, but wonders if all of this writing will ever be noticed by people beyond his Facebook friends.

Yesterday, when I logged in, Blogger at least gave me one small ounce of satisfaction that what I'm doing may work.  Blogger told me to keep thinking the way I do, and to keep baring my uncensored thoughts to the general public.  Blogger told me this by calling my blog something that I've never been called before:  popular.

Yes, I realize that it is just a ploy for people that make money from this to make more money.  However, this hasn't happened before.  I like to think that it is due to the number of people that have been reading my blog lately.  I'm on track to break 3,000 pageviews for the month of August.  I regularly consider adding some sort of money-making features to my blog, but I'm not desperate yet.  The day it happens, I will apologize, but I will probably do it nonetheless.

When I started this blog, I figured that it would be something that Annie and I would read, comment on, and it would be another fad that I would forget about in a few months.  What if I was meant to be a blogger, though?  What if I am a good story teller, or I can become one through practice?  What if this is my way of being popular?  (Too bad I didn't have any way of being popular in college...)  Ha, popular...

Thank you, K-chen, for putting that into perspective.
And thank you, readers, for making me feel popular,

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