Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Really) Busy at Work (Reprise)

So, Google+ came out with games last week.  I'm not positive, but I believe I was one of the first people to have access.  Nothing told me, but it showed up one day, and I managed to start playing Angry Birds.  None of my other friends had started yet.  That's not the case anymore.

Anyway, there's this now:
Yeah, I've already nailed all of the stars on all of the available levels.

Yeah, I found all the Chrome secrets, too. (Peeps need to do your part for the Teamwork levels!)
Wait, most of this looks familiar.

It's my last day of full-time work at the wind farm I currently work at.  I've blogged and facebook'd regularly since I've started working here, yet I still manage to get things done.  No, I still manage to impress my boss by the quality of my work.  I guess those are the benefits you get for being an efficient worker with a top-notch education.  I can do just enough work to blow everyone else at my office out of the water, and then I still have 5 hours left in the day to play games.  I'll miss that when I move on to a job that requires much more effort.

Back to work,


  1. I think that's what I'll miss most about my job when I finally move on. I spend all day reading blogs and am still way better than the last person who had my job.

  2. Yeah, it's going to be hard to work somewhere else. Heck, it's apparently hard for you to just get to work (or at least to get to your massage before work)!

  3. Does your tequila-marinated ass still have the screenshot you posted in 2011-2012 of the non-white "law enforcement training dummy" (manufactured by Dr. Mass, the inventor of Rescue Randy rescue dummies). You did make the banjo-play'n sister-fuckers pull the web page down in less than 2 days.

    If the aforementioned is still in existence somewhere in the Rob-cloud please FWD to (the email you scored me after failing to score me "", and only 3 days after LIVE went online...still pissed) -

    alternate email