Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recession. What Recession?

There's been a bunch of talk about the national debt ceiling.  I tried to understand it.  Every time I attempt to learn about anything remotely political, I end up being blind with rage at how inefficient our political system is.  I wish there was some big, fancy SAT word that combined the words frustrated and enraged.  That'd be a better word.

For years I considered myself a straight-ticket democrat.  I still feel like republicans are ridiculous, but the polarized democrats are just as bad.  In fact, I don't even know where I sit politically these days.  What was that word for frustrated+enraged?

Anyway, I'm off track.  The point of this post is my perspective of the impending doom that's been following us around like a sad cloud since the summer of 2008.  Will we end up in a depression era?  Will we finally experience the struggles that taught our grand- (or great grand-) parents how to stretch meals?  Will we reach the point that it's considered a national crisis?  Will credit cards and loans make it even worse for us than it was for them?

My opinion:  who cares?!  I've got nothing.  I've watched the whole world collapse around me.  I hear all these stories of people losing millions on Wall Street, people losing their jobs, forced retirements, lost savings, foreclosures, massive credit card debt.  It sucks, but ummm... welcome to my life...

I slept on a floor for 3 years in L.A.  I lived with roaches, floods, and massive homeless traffic outside my window.  I had it all figured out how I was going to live out of my car, when I happened across an apartment that I could 'kind of' afford.  I have a brand new car's worth of credit card debt, and I refuse to look at the total damage of my loans.  I have two Master's degrees, yet I make the same annual salary as a barista.

So, I guess my point is:  I don't feel the recession.  I've been in a recession since before it was cool.  I'll still be in a recession when the country straightens itself out.  I feel more like the world is being brought down to my level, evening out the playing field.

I hope none of you are feeling it, but it's not like I caused it.  I haven't missed a payment on anything... ever.

I can't wait 'til I'm not broke as shit.  That's gonnabe nice,

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