Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Xmas is Coming

It's funny how weather changes you.  I used to be the guy that wore shorts year round.  No cold was too cold.  Heck, I'd sometimes be tromping through slush in flip-flops on my way to class.

Then I moved to Los Angeles.  Though I made fun of the Angelinos when I first arrived (since a 65 degree day was chilly and required gloves and maybe even a scarf), I slowly turned into one of those people.  Granted, I never went so far as to own a jacket or winter gear, but I did find myself making comments about how cold it was when it got down to 60 at night.  I was able to convert from a sheet to a blanket for sleeping.

Now, whenever its cold and moist and there are thick clouds blanketing the sky, my body thinks it is Christmas time.  How ridiculous is that?!  I get happy, and urges for everything winter-y, and I immediately start to think about all things Christmas-y.

Fuck. Snow.  Oh wait, wrong part of the country...

Now, I've heard stores are starting to hint at Xmas.  I'm getting anxious about how I'm going to afford Xmas presents.  I'm starting to wonder what songs I'll use for my 12 Days of Xmas.  Annie has come up with the idea that we only ask for money for a Bali trip we are planning.  Yet, it is WAY too early to start having Xmas conversations.

I love that time of the year, but slow down.  And shouldn't my body be used to cold/foggy/rainy now?  I've been away from L.A. for 8 months.  Also, I use Xmas to clarify that I am materialistic and in no way am I using December holidays to celebrate the birth of any mythical baby.

Oh weather.  Oh society, and your rush to Xmas,

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