Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oakland Dishcrawl

Dishcrawl is a new startup.  Instead of bar-crawling, you go from restaurant to restaurant tasting great food.

We did it.  Annie and I went to the one in Oakland a few weeks back.  We started off by exploring some new condominiums in downtown Oakland (and were rewarded with cupcakes from my local fave, James & the Giant Cupcake).  The condos also had sushi and tacos from local restaurants, as well as free wine and beer.

We had art.  This Dishcrawl was on the same day as the monthly art shows that line up on Fridays (called Art Walk or something like that).  So, we added a few of those to our route.  Below are some of my favorite things.  We also bought a series of magnets from a local artist that had a cool African vibe with rhythm lines.

This reminded me of a friend's tumblr.

So cool... and sexy.  (3 separate canvasses).
We had food.  I found my new favorite burger/food truck.  fiveten Burger has some bomb-ass garlic oil fries, and even though our burgers weren't super fresh (since they cooked for 100 people or so), they were still really good.  Annie caught them a few days later and confirmed they're her new favorite burger.  Plus, Roland follows me on Twitter, so he's a cool guy.  We also got to try an Oakland staple:  Tina Tamale.  They are really good (but honestly, the burgers won that night).

We had fun.  We made some new friends.  We got invited to someone's cupcake party (but we were out of town for the Royal Wedding).  And I got to sneak peaks at some cute lesbians all night.  All in all, you should check out Dishcrawl if it comes near you.

Yes, that is a blurry CreepShot of a couple of lipstick lesbians,

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  1. Hello Dishcrawler fam! Back by popular demand, Dishcrawlers will sample some of Oakland’s finest on a monthly basis. Tickets to the Oakland Dishcrawl Official Launch on Wednesday, November 9 at 7pm are $39 and are available on the Dishcrawl website:

    Hope you and Annie can come join us again!