Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sing Off Season 3

The Sing Off returned last night, and I'd very much like to discuss it.  This was the premiere of Season 3, and I've watched every episode since the beginning of Season 1.

First off, I love Sara Bareilles.  She's an amazing singer.  I stream her records off her site all the time.  Thinking about spending $40 to see her on December 10th.  Not sure I love her as a judge, though.

I absolutely underestimated Delilah.  I don't really like all-girl a capella.  It sounds too high and shriek-y.  All dudes works, cuz there are low tones to fill it out.  I made this point clear to Annie during the commercial break before they started singing.  Here's their performance:

Needless to say, I ate my words.  They were so good.  The best group of the night, by far.  Not only was their music chill-inducing, but that lead singer is so distractingly beautiful.  I'm already calling them 'my girls'.  Sorry for doubting you.

Afro-Blue is probably my runner-up at the moment.  I'm a big fan of African Americans that sing (hello, neon-glowing white girl).  Especially if there's any hint of some gospel going on in there.  I wish that they slid a little more R&B instead of jazz, but that lead singer's voice was ridiculously smooth.  Last season's champs, Committed, were a great example of the style I love:

Not only were they freaking amazing, but they sang with 3/4 of my favorite band of all time.

The Mormons kind of annoy me.  Cat's Pajamas reeked of old lady pheromones (something I know very much about, and I'm drafting a post on the very topic).  The Fanni-family wasn't very good.  Urban Point's rap-apella was interesting (and a great song choice), I just wish it was more musical.  Kinpoint's lead Johnny Depp impersonator annoys me, too.  Nobody else is worth mentioning.

Paraphrased Notable Quotables from the premiere:
"That bass was shaking my ass." - Ben Folds to Urban Method's low voice
"As much fun as 5 [stuffy, white] guys can have on stage." - Vocal Point (the Mormons)

Can Boyz II Men come back and sing again?  Maybe with Afro-Blue... or even Delilah,

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  1. I love the Sing off! I missed the first episode but Delilah sounds amazing for an all girls group!!