Wednesday, January 18, 2012

XCD Day 2: Grand Canyon & Twinkly Eyes

We didn't make a ton of progress on the 2nd day, but we had planned not to.  I had never seen the Grand Canyon, and our Boys in Blue were playing in the Sugar Bowl, which would have to be viewed at a Bdubs with one of my favorite humans, Twinkly Eyes.

Day #2 (there's a loop through the Grand Canyon behind the 'B' bubble)
We started the day by driving from Henderson, NV, to Flagstaff, AZ.  We checked into our hotel and left one of our cars there.  We combined into Annie's SUV, and we drove off to the Grand Canyon National Park.  We really liked Flagstaff.  It felt a lot like Lake Tahoe, and that's the quickest way to Annie's heart.  We drove by the Flagstaff Nordic Ski Center, and it made me wish there was more snow so that we could ski there.  We certainly didn't get any skiing in at Tahoe this Winter.

I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the Grand Canyon.  Let's be honest, I'm not the biggest outdoors person.  Plus, anything that is so highly regarded by everyone has to be viewed with some semblance of an unimpressed eye.  However, it was honestly pretty cool.  We were allowed to walk Angel along the rim with us.  People were climbing everywhere, which was kind of surprising.  I thought there would be rails and viewing platforms everywhere.  There weren't many, and Annie was playing protective mom in not letting me play around.

Ok, there were some rails, but they weren't very restrictive.
We also got to go see some Native American ruins.  I almost tripped over them.  They were the lamest thing I've ever traveled to see.  Some stones left in the ground that make the formation of a foundation.  Wow.  So interesting.  Except not at all.  Moving on.

We drove around the south rim until sunset, then we rushed back to the Bdubs in Flagstaff for the Sugar Bowl.  Yes, Bdubs #2 for dinner.  Worth it, just to see Twinkly Eyes.  For those unfamiliar with Twinkly Eyes, picture wholesome perfection in a tall, blond, blue-eyed male.  His name would be Twinkly Eyes.  He had the unfortunate circumstance of standing next to me in band for an entire year, and I think I hit on him daily.  He's too nice to say anything about it.  And he is exactly the same now, 5 years since the last time I saw him.  Oh yeah, Michigan won, too, but it wasn't the most spectacular of football games during that 24-hour span.   It felt pretty damn good to win a BCS game, though!  ("Sparty tears taste like Sugar!")

Bdubs is a primary source of nutrition at this point,


  1. It was super nice of me to leave out the part where we were supposed to drive over the Hoover Dam, but Annie missed the turn, and we totally went around it. Didn't even see it...

  2. Okay, after thinking about it for a hot second, I knew exactly who you were talking about. Glad to know he's still twinkling!