Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Big, Bad Word

I may or may not have called Annie one of the premiere cuss words in our precious language during our last weekend in Oakland.  To be fair, she was losing her shit.  She doesn't do as well with moving as I do.  I was all 'everything will work out so calm your shit.'  And she was all 'why didn't you do anything while I was gone you lazy, fat piece of shit.'  So I dropped one on her.

"Stop being such a cunt face."

She almost cried.  She might have actually cried a little.  I tried to defend myself by saying it was a word used in her most favorite movie ever, The Sound of Music.  Because it is.

Everything did indeed work out, so I think I might have totally been in the right had I not gone that far.

Here's to an entire year of blogging,


  1. Should have just defaulted to Tosh.0 insults or adjectives.

    1. I don't watch Tosh.0. Any go-to's that I should have in my back pocket?