Tuesday, January 24, 2012

XCD Day 7: The Arrival

On Sunday, January 8th, we arrived at our new home in Lexington, KY.  We're renting it for a year, and it's the first time that I've lived outside of an apartment since graduating high school.

Day #7, the last day.
Here's a photo slideshow of our new house.  (This came from the owners, so it's decorated differently.)

And this is the whole path that we traveled and that has been described up until now:

The full cross-country drive in our move from California to Kentucky.
If you ever have the opportunity to drive across this great country of ours, I'd recommend doing it slowly.  It's really not that expensive if you don't mind packing some food and staying in seedy motels.  It's scary with the whole bed bug epidemic, but doesn't that make life more interesting?

Seriously, it's hard to understand the vastness of the country.  I've done flights from Detroit to Los Angeles and from San Francisco to Albany, NY.  You really start to feel like everything is so close and connected.  Once you drive for a few days, you can really feel those miles.

And now I shall return to the blog as it was envisioned.  This was an experiment at appealing to more people without telling them to go fuck themselves.  Alienating readers with my slightly racist and sexist thoughts that I really shouldn't publish online is all that I'm really good at, though.   It all resumes tomorrow.  And by tomorrow, I mean sometime this week.  It's harder to post when I'm not getting paid to.  Sugar momma gets frustrated if I'm not productive while she's at work.

Another 30 by 30 bites the dust,

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