Friday, January 27, 2012

Carpool Lane

While driving across the country, I kept a notepad with ideas for future blog posts.  In my head, I've entitled it "Thoughts from Route 66".  I considered a segment just like DIETY. 

I did this for a while at the beginning of my blog, before I got in the habit of just ranting every day.  Now that my blog posts have been sporadic, I figured it would help me get my opinions back on track.

But now I can't find it.  And I can only think of one big question.

Do you think a cop has ever pulled over a car full of midgets in the carpool lane?  (Ya know, assuming that the tallest little person, or whatever is the appropriate term, was driving and the rest couldn't be seen from his car.)
Just when you thought the internet had everything, you struggle to find a visual image for 'midgets carpooling'.

I made myself laugh at this idea when I Googled "Car Full of Midgets".  Apparently, it's a ska band in Wisconsin.  I'm immediately interested.

Maybe put them in booster seats so the silhouettes of their heads can be seen... to avoid confusion,

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