Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Breakfast

I woke up on Leap Day to the serene sounds of a tornado siren.  It ended up not being a huge deal for where I live, specifically, but there's no better way to get my ass moving before the sun comes up.  Annie's not from the Midwest.  She knows as much about what to do in a tornado as I did for earthquakes when I originally moved to California.  So, along with turning on the news and checking the batteries on my flashlights, I had to make sure she remained calm.  It wasn't a big deal, she got to focus on Angel, who was losing his shit.  Figuratively.

Within about 30 minutes, I was hungry for breakfast.  I'd like to say that this was a sign of stress, but I've always been one that could shove a big hearty breakfast into his pie hole as soon as his eyes opened.  What I did not expect was the craving.  I really wanted McDonald's breakfast.  I've mentioned how much I love McDonald's breakfasts, but I've also been pretty good about not eating them.  They're not good for you.  Fast food is not good for you.

However, my body flat out told me that if this was to be our last breakfast, it would prefer McDonald's.  Specifically, a bacon-egg-n-cheese bagel with extra sauce.  They don't have those in California, and I thoroughly miss them.  I haven't checked to see if they have them in Lexington, because that might be a slippery slope that I don't need right now.

Long story short, I guess my last breakfast, should the situation arise, would be a McDonald's breakfast sandwich with a hashbrown and heck, maybe even a cini-melt.  Fuck it.  It's my last breakfast.

Fought the temptation, but I wonder what my lunch craving will be,


  1. I always get major cravings and mcdonalds is definately one of my downfalls! I was proud of myself today for going in to one to look for a friend and I didn't get a mcchicken sandwich!
    And your right they really aren't good for you but that usually doesn't work for me to say that to myself haha

  2. Oh forgot to add that I found your blog off of 20sb :) Your 30 things before 30 is impressive. I want to do a 5k too, hopefully within 30 mins but struggling to keep running for that long haha hope you are doing better than me!