Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eccentric Cee-Lo

Why aren't people giving Cee-Lo the same props as Lady Gaga?  He's eccentric, but he's chubby and short and has baby T-Rex arms.  So his eccentricities are even more ridiculous.  Like cat-cessorizing.

I'm kind of disappointed that Best Week Ever hasn't made a .gif wall of him stroking his cat before a commercial break.  They're usually on top of that.

Unrelated:  other great Cee-Lo pictures:

Is Cee-Lo secretly a genius? Or is the person who made this?
Doubts Cee-Lo is secretly a genius,


  1. I almost peed my pants when i saw him holding that cat on the voice. Hes kind of awesome.

    1. We had to rewind it and confirm that he was, indeed, holding a giant, white persian in his lap. So spectacular!