Friday, February 17, 2012

Behind the Times

I remember going to college and Annie making fun of the hairstyles in all of my high school pictures.  "Girls with walls of bangs?  That was so 1992."

And I had always heard that things happen on the coasts, and the Midwest is always lagging on what's new and hip.  It wasn't until I moved back to the Midwest from almost 4 years in California that I could start to see it.

Granted, KY is way behind the times, but it's just an exaggeration of the problem.

1) Wine is growing and wineries are popping up in the oddest places.  It's exciting, because it'll be way easier to get into wine here than in California, but it's almost like they're desperate to hop onto the success of the west coast's wine industry.

2) Everything has a website in California.  Everything.  You can find all the information you need online:  menus, prices, pictures, etc.  The hispanic guy rolling down the street ringing bells selling piraguas can probably be tracked online.  You could typically place an order at any local business via the internet and swing by to pick it up.

3) Everything takes full advantage of the internet.  (As they should.)  You can pay your parking meter by phone if you're stuck in line at the post office.  You can check in at a food truck by scanning a 2D bar code with your phone.  You would be handed an iPad that can change the menu daily without wasting paper.  Hell, farmers can let you pay with a credit card by swiping it into their iPhones.  Literally years beyond the 3 places that I've found that say, "You can check in on Facebook here!"  Ummm... Facebook doesn't even work on my phone any more.

4) Green isn't a buzz word on the west coast.  It's a way of life.  Not having recycling is abominable.  Hell, not having compost is looked down upon.  Wind turbines can be seen on the horizon, nuclear power plants are placed sporadically, solar cells line roofs of houses, there's a pump for hydrogen at the gas station, Prius cars line the streets as if they're breeding like rabbits, a Smart car isn't really a joke anymore (no more parallel parking!), everyone knows and typically uses public transportation, biking to work is promoted (not jeered), everybody spends time outside each day (even if it's just walking during a break at work), parks are massive and busy, you can survive without chain or franchise anything, and people are, generally, open-minded and able to discuss things intellectually.

5) I hadn't held a real newspaper in my hand since high school until moving to KY.

I couldn't tell you how many things are better in KY.  Driving and cost of living and population density and friendliness and prices of drinks at bars and willingness to split bills are all exponentially better.  I'm just blown away by all the things that made life easier out west that are so far ahead of what I see here now.  I wish I was a professional web developer.  I'd move to KY... and own it in 5 years.

Studying html,


  1. Don't even get me started on the phrase "domestic partner"...

  2. EuroAmerican TransplantMarch 3, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    Hahahahah I've noticed how behind the times ky is too...
    But what's the deal w domestic partner? I know what they would originally think but wouldnt that be the same in Cali?