Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bacon-Wrapped & Blog Goggles

Too soon?  I don't really know the rules for how many times I can post in one day.  I'm kinda excited for this blog thing, though.  Technically, it's a new day anyway.

I drank a fair bit at Bigfoot West tonight.  Happy Birthday, Melinda!  Then I drove home.  Bad habit... eat me... they teach us bad things in the Midwest.  Anyway, in between I had 3 servings of the wonderful Venice Blvd creations that are: bacon-wrapped hot dogs.  An older Mexican lady stands in front of the carcineria (?) b/w S&S and Bigfoot selling her delicious wieners.  I get 'em with everything: grilled onions, ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, and a grilled jalapeno.  I know, right?  $3 each.  Awesome.

So, should have something similar to google's gmail goggles, where I have to do math riddles in order to post after midnight on weekend-nights.  I'd call it blog goggles.  It might help to avoid times like this when I might not be capable of  being witty.

Finally, I tried not to tell a single friend about my current predicament.  Sorry.  I have big problems personally asking for help, and I really didn't want to ruin Melinda's night.  Anyway, I came home after Xmas break to a flooded, moldy, and mildewy room.  Considering that it was the second time this has happened in the shithole apartment I live in, and the fact that I've been considering leaving UCLA for years, it just seemed like a good sign for me to flee La La Land.  I have to get up in 6 hours to let in the roach killers, cuz my apartment is awesome.  These were just the final straws that convinced me to go flop on my girlfriend's couch for the next few months as I figure out where I can get a job.  Let's hope this goes easier than it probably will.  What?  Whatever.

Go Blue.

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