Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have a good feeling that my current situation will be the worst, financially, I will ever be in.  Just so I can look back at this in 10 years and remember how bad it was:

As of today:
My Bank Account: $0.36
My Savings Account: $12.20
My Gold Card: $1,996.70 / $2,000.00
My Southwest Rewards Card: $9,504.80 / $9,400.00
My PNC Card: $6,217.73 / $6,200.00
I own my car, but I have student loans that I don't even want to look at.

I have a job offer at KAPL.  I guess I can count PowerWorks as a job offer, but it was crap.  He did, however, make it sound like I could intern, and I'm interviewing tomorrow for a tutoring job.  Things will hopefully never get this bad again.

Don't use credit, kids,

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