Friday, January 28, 2011

Depositing $1 & ACT round 2

Annie transferred N dollars to my bank account today, to pay one of my credit card bills.  That's the number that I told her, even though it was actually N dollars and 60 cents.  Since I'm too pathetic to have enough money in my account to cover that 60 cents, I had to deposit $1 into an ATM today.  "Is your broke ass seriously depositing $1 in me right now?" says the ATM.  Fuck you, ATM.

Ever wonder how well you'd do if you got to take those standardized, high school tests again?  It just so happens that I got to retake the English/Reading section of the ACT today.  I went to an interview at a tutoring place.  They specialize in ACT/SAT tutoring, but also teach classes in the subjects.  I went there to be a math tutor, but they asked if I was comfortable teaching the english/verbal skills, also, since it would get me more hours.  They offered to give me an old test, to see how I would do now.  I agreed, and took it on the spot.  I'll get the score on Monday.  Let's hope I at least score better than 17-yr-old RoB.  I highly doubt that I'll take the tutoring position, since they want me to give up the rest of my weekends through June.  No thanks.

While walking to pick up Annie, I saw a homeless lady in a fur coat wrestle away a cane from a fellow homeless man.  He looked like he could really use the cane afterward.  I thought I was done with funny homeless incidents after moving out of homeless alley in L.A.  Apparently not.


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  1. I've definitely put $1 of gas into my gas tank. It probably feels similar.