Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye L.A. & DIETY

I'm fully moved out of my apartment in L.A.  From now on, when I'm there, it's a vacation.  The weekend was spent partying with all my favorite SoCal peeps.  Friday night took us to a grilling/drinking party in Redondo Beach.  The food was (is always) amazing, and the whiskey was flowing.  Annie and I had to sleep there.  Saturday took us to the U.S. Men's Soccer game at the Home Depot Center vs. Chile.  (Their song is still stuck in my head; America needs soccer songs!  "Vamos! Vamos Chillenos!")  We then drove to Pasadena for a birthday party at a really swanky bowling alley.  The homemade devil's food cupcakes with mint frosting were amazing!!

Some chick yelled at me for putting garbage on the curb when I was cleaning my apartment.  She accused me of trashing the neighborhood.  Really?  The homeless people that hang out, dragging loud carts around, trading goods, and fighting over alcohol probably drag down the property values a little lower.  How about the 2 pot dispensaries?  Eat me lady.

Now I need to find a quick way to make $$.

Did I Ever Tell You...
Granny once tried to drive a riding lawnmower up the wall of our garage.  You see, we fastened a wooden block on the brake so that she could reach it.  She regularly drove the lawnmower around the neighborhood.  She lost her license for drinking and driving 4 decades ago, and never got it back.  Apparently, after returning from a rather inspiring party at a friend's house, she hit the brake and knocked the wooden block off.  So, as she was pulling it into our garage, she just kept going.  There were some small boxes against the wall, that she managed to use as a ramp, as she drove it up the wall, and over onto herself.  A cop drove by and saw a smoking lawnmower, flipped over, with a flailing, old lady trapped underneath.  She claims that she saw her life flash in front of her eyes.

Keep your license, it may save your life,

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