Monday, May 23, 2011

How Many Utensils?

Annie and I wanted sushi last night, but we found out that the place we had in mind was closed on Sundays.  We, of course, discovered this after parking.

We had talked about trying another sushi place up the street, but didn't think it was fair to judge a sushi bar based on takeout.  We had no choice at this point, though.  Sushi was on our brains.

So, we walked up to Samurai Sushi Boat.  This place is SO COOL!  It took us a while to figure out how it worked, but there is fresh sushi sitting on little wooden boats continuously circling the sushi bar.  If you pull sushi off the boat, you are charged by the shape/size/color of the plates you have stacked up at the end.  We regret not immediately sitting at the bar and giving up on our plans of taking the sushi home for a movie.
You can barely see the boats going around the bar.
We picked out and order 5 rolls to go.  They sat us down and offered free miso soup while we waited.  We realized that the plates going around on the boats were pretty cheap and that they were 'half rolls'.  They looked like full rolls to me.  Considering the price we just paid (a little steep) and what they must consider a 'full roll', we figured we had just accidentally ordered a ton of sushi.

A minute before handing us our food, they asked how many chopsticks we needed for our huge order.  Two please.  Really?  Does it look like there's a crew of us drooling over the boats going by while waiting for all of that sushi?  We clearly came in here as a pair, picked them out as a pair, and are sitting here starving as a pair.

After that, Annie admitted we had 4 forks in our bag at Bake Sale Betty last Thursday at lunch.  We only ordered two chicken sandwiches, a strawberry shortcake, an oatmeal cookie, and a frozen limeade.  Four forks.  Really?

It did make for a good laugh as we imagined how fat these places must think we are.

Come on people, we're not ordering that much food,

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