Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Not to be confused with Zumba, which is a dance-infused cardio workout.  Zuma is that internet game with a statue frog that shoots balls at other colored balls rolling around a board.  Never heard of it?  Didn't think so.  Everyone's heard of it.

Anyway, Annie and I started playing it while she still lived in the dorms, so that must have been circa 2004 or so.  We played it on Yahoo, and for a while it was a little competition.  (Hell, what isn't a competition between us?)  One time I noticed that she had downloaded a free game on her desktop so that she could play it more often without worrying about the internet.

Then, I (we?) stopped playing it for years.  When I dropped out of school in January, I saw that there was a Blitz edition for Facebook.  So I picked it back up.  I was still pretty good, but there was one friend on facebook that consistently kicked my butt.

When I got a job, I quit screwing around on the internet.  As you've clearly noticed lately, due to the number of posts and my presence on facebook and twitter, I'm getting a little bored at work.  Since Google Chrome has Incognito services, and I'm confident nobody is really checking at work, my internet use has run rampant.

I even started playing those stupid Facebook games again.  For some reason, yesterday at work, my Zuma skills were off the charts!  I was consistently hitting high 380k+ without any powers.  I also hit the highest score I've ever seen, and I'm already leading my friends this week.  I scored 543,140 and 639,940, respectively, in about 15 minutes (cute little icons below).

I don't know what it was about yesterday, or if it is just the speed of my work computer or internet connection or gigantic monitor or something I ate, but I was on!  I turned Zuma Blitz on first thing this morning, and the magic seems to be gone.

I'll try again at 3:45 to see if I can bring the magic back,

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