Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Never Settled

I was telling somebody earlier that I'm finally starting to feel settled.  The craziness of my life that inspired me to start a blog has all settled down for the time being.  I'm still not sure when I'll be moving to NY, or if I'll like it, or if I'll ever get a PhD in the future, but for now, things seem regular.  Almost boring.

I started to fear that my blog would have to turn into old stories and witty observations, since the chaos wouldn't continue to spew forth.  So, we went ziplining, but that was a choice, more than things just happening to keep life interesting.

As I've said, my life has always been pretty interesting, as detailed by last night.

Annie: "The water isn't going down the pipe in the sink."
~RoB: "We don't have Drano, so lets add hot water and vinegar."
A: "Do you want to try to use a hanger and unclog it?"
~R: "Sure."
*Sudden whoosh noise and quick drain of the water in the sink.
~R: "That didn't sound good."
*Opens cupboard below.  Hanger poked through the (apparently) rusty pipe and released the water into the cupboard.

Conveniently, we keep our cleaning products stored in a big plastic tub, and it caught all of the water.  We supposedly have plumbers fixing it at our apartment as I write this.  However, it made for an interesting night of washing dishes in the bathroom and dealing with Annie's stressed-out craziness.

I bet we'll do a better job at trapping our bacon/sausage/hamburger grease now,

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