Monday, May 2, 2011

The Voice

The Voice is the new vocal competition on NBC.  I Love it.  It's filling the hole that American Idol left when Simon departed, much like NBC's Sing Off.  For those that don't know, I was one of those crazy AI freaks.  For the past few years I ran a bracket where my friends and I competed to guess who was going to be voted off each week.  It was a great time.  It was hard enough seeing Paula leave, so I pretty much boycotted this season when all the other worthwhile judges departed (especially after hearing they were going to have challenges and crap like that during the best week of all, Hollywood week).

Anyway, The Voice is all about blind vocal judging, with some of the most popular voices of our time as judges/mentors.  Somehow they turn it into a competition between the judges, but I'm not really worried at all about that.  I'm just excited to see how it proceeds.  Let's hope that they don't start letting America decide, because people like VFTW really frustrate me.  (Though I do kind of like VFTW, because they're really big AI fans, though they pretend not to be.)

Try and find the cool version of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy sang by the 4 judges, since it is no longer in the previews on the website.  Also, though I'm always frustrated by the sappy stories each contestant has to have to get into a competition these days, holla to my girl Frenchie Davis for never giving up!  How great was it that Cee-Lo recognized her!?  I know some people have said she's had too many chances.  Let's be serious, people, she got booted off Idol for a teenage mistake.  She's got a great voice.  She inspires me.

One thing bothers me, though.  Can we please get rid of Carson Daly?  Sorry, Carson, but you look too old (and skinny, wtf?) which makes me feel old.  Did your head always look like that?  You are forever supposed to be trapped on MTV hosting TRL dating Jennifer Love Hewitt.  You were on top of if as we rolled over to Y2K.  You have nothing to complain about.  Sorry.

Soon 37-yr-old Zack Morris will be trying to come back,

Oh shit, Raising the Bar!

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