Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm one of those people that laugh at commercials.  I regularly DVR things and find myself watching the commercials anyway, unless my girlfriend is around, cuz she needs to fast forward through commercials.  If your life moves to fast to enjoy commercials, then you should probably re-evaluate things.

Anyway, there are a few slogans or jingles that are doing it for me right now, and some that aren't:

Ticklin' my cooter (this is good, for those that aren't country bumpkins)
"Frank's Redhot: I put that $#!7 on everything!"  (I love the radio commercial of the old lady talking to the queen about her cucumber sandwiches.)

Upset these people get paid
"If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone."  (Really, Apple?  I've loved just about everything about your company in the past 5 years, so this is unacceptable.)

I put that $#!7 on everything!,

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