Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I share a line at work with a new legal intern.  For the most part, he knows that most calls come for me, cuz I'm the man.  We both have Caller ID, so he should be able to intercept any calls for him.  However, there have been all kinds of wonderful ridiculousness that we've learned so far.

We've learned that only women in prison still use payphones.

We are in different buildings.  So, we can't just wave each other off when calls go astray.  We needed a system.  If we both pick up, there's a dialtone in the background, but we can talk as if we have our own little secret communication line.  We can't transfer calls, and if either of us dials our number, it forwards to the cell phone of a (rumored to be cute) girl that used to work here.  We settled on just keeping gchat open, which doesn't really change anything on my end ;)

On Monday, my phone started ringing while somebody knocked on the door of my building.  It apparently locked itself in being slammed by the wind.  By the time I got to my phone to pick it up, the voicemail was starting.

I actually have to go to this intern's office to get my voicemails, since the lines are all screwy.  Apparently, the message system turns his speakerphone on if a message is being recorded (probably for screeners).  Anyway, his phone turns on automatically.  Here was our gchat, afterward:

12:48 PM intern: when [someone] called you earlier it played on my speaker phone for some reason
 me: awesome
  i picked it up as the voicemail was picking it up
  it was an odd occurrence
  shouldn't happen again
12:49 PM 
intern: i hung up but was contemplating yelling PENIS and then hanging up
12:50 PM me: I probably would have peed myself
12:53 PM intern: should have done it...
12:57 PM me: it would have been too much for Monday morning

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has urges to yell 'penis' at inappropriate times,

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