Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(Really) Busy at Work

I posted a Facebook status on Sunday during Annie's soccer game.  I wanted to convey how impressed I was with a goal she had just scored.  She snuck a ball in a 1' gap between the goalie and the near-post.  I wanted to say, "I'm really impressed."  However, I discovered that I don't take the word really seriously.  I don't take the word seriously seriously, either, if we're being honest.  I had to go with, "I'm literally impressed."  Contrary to Dane Cook, I don't think that word literally has been tainted by the ignorance of our culture yet.  It still didn't feel right.  It's not what I wanted to say.  I wanted to say that I was really impressed, but that makes it sound like she shot a soft ball into a wide-open net.

Anyway, while working really hard today, I accomplished something that I had forgotten that I started a few weeks ago:

Notice that I was in the middle of doing real work (red arrows) when I thought of Da Birds!

All my stars on Chrome.  It made me want to re-immurse myself in Slime Volleyball,

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