Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Death by Fast Food

Last Saturday was one of those days where I just felt off.  Annie and I got up and rushed to Zumba.  (Have I mentioned how much I Zumba?  If you don't know what that means, don't look into it.)  Anyway, we were late (a typical occurrence lately) and it was packed full.  I told Annie I didn't even want to do it if there were that many people (I like a lot of space to get my dance on!).  She looked at me like I was being dramatic, but she gave in and we left.

We drove over to Bake Sale Betty in hopes that the fresh strawberries at the farmers' market meant that they'd be making her favorite dessert: strawberry shortcake using their buttery scones.  They had them, and that made her day.  We also found out that they can make their famous chicken sandwiches without green pepper, so I am excited to go back and try another one (their cole slaw is almost entirely bell pepper, and I didn't like it).

We then took Angel to the dog park for a while and decided to drive out to Alameda's Borders since it was due to close on Tax Day and may have a bunch of cheap finds.  The only way she convinced me to go was by saying that I could get my tennis racquet restrung at the Big 5 next door.  I broke one of my strings while playing the evening before.  So, I gave in.  It turns out that Big 5 doesn't restring racquets.  That, and the long line at Jamba Juice that I decided to avoid, got me frustrated.

Though I did find a book I'd needed to finish a series for $3 at Borders, I was still a little moody.  When I was walking to my car, I saw that the Jamba Juice was still too busy.  I noticed that See's Candy was empty though, and I snuck in for a few of my favorites: milk chocolate butterscotch squares.  Way better than bordeaux.  Way better.

I knew that Sports Authority restrung racquets, so we had to make the trek back to Emeryville.  After finally getting my tennis racquet in for stringing (which led to a free $130 racquet), I walked next door to Taco Bell for some comfort food.  I wasn't super hungry, but I definitely wanted something to help my sour mood.

It's really sad that I consider that comfort food.  Yet, like all fast food, there's something satisfying about it, even though it's certainly awful for me and regularly don't enjoy the feelings I'm left with.  It's like they use MSG or something.

Anyway, comfort food it was not.  All I wanted to do for the next few hours was throw up.  I tried a few times, unsuccessfully.  I don't think I'm even capable of throwing up any more.  I haven't actually vomited since I was in 8th grade, a story which has been retold so many times that Annie probably feels like she was there with me.  I pretty much laid around moaning until I finally just went to bed.

Everything went better on Sunday, and since then, but crappy Taco Bell really capped an already-bad day,

I think I'm avoiding Toxic Hell for a while.

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  1. Wow, my first-world problems are so hard. I had trouble getting my tennis racquet restrung, Jamba Juice was full, and some food bothered my tummy. People like me should be shot...