Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Racist in the Workplace

Let's say you are responsible for training firefighters/police/military/first responders in how to rescue people from burning buildings.  In order to not endanger the trainees (stupid OSHA), you decide to go online and purchase a mannequin (easily spell-able thanks to the late-80s movie).  You come across this 6'1" 165 lb fun-loving guy:
"Rescue Randy Combat Challenge"

Now, let's say you are training police to handcuff tough criminals.  They make a 6'1" 165 lb guy for that, too:
"Handcuffing Police Training Manikin"
The colored dye is so absolutely necessary to most prepare our responders for "manhandling the perps".  After all:

I remember this shirt design (follow the photo link) primarily because Denzel Washington freaked out about it in Ebony (or some magazine like that), and also because it's kinda funny.

Everyone's a little bit racist ♫,

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