Thursday, April 28, 2011

2-hour Delay

Growing up in Michigan, we sporadically had 2-hour school delays.

Today, Annie and I woke up late.  We decided we would go to work late (as opposed to completely skipping, which we call a 'snow day').  I immediately felt like I had a 2-hour delay.  It made me laugh.  When I told Annie, she had no clue what I was talking about.

Apparently, 2-hour delays aren't universal.  In Tahoe, if the weather isn't good enough for school when it is supposed to start, then it's just not good enough.  Classes canceled.  In Michigan, we have fog, or ice, or sub-zero temperatures that can go away fast enough that 2 hours does make a big difference.  Plus, who doesn't want an extra 2 hours in the morning?

This obviously doesn't apply to UofM.  TMD.

Tip: don't go back to sleep.  It's always the first impulse.  Let's be honest, though.  You're up, your circadian rhythm has finished its cycle, and the rest of your day's schedule didn't change, so you were ready to wake up and deal with a full day.  Enjoy 2 hours of nothing.  (This morning, I caught up on dishes.)  The rest of your day is going to feel super quick anyway, so don't dread!

I do remember the one time in high school where I didn't hear about the delay.  I showed up to school, pretty much by myself.  I sat in Senior Hall and read a book for two hours.  It was geek wonderland.  (I probably got bonus points from the English department... somebody had to have noticed me... very few of you will understand my relationship with the English department in my high school.)

Here's to 2-hour delays, even though we're big kids now!

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