Monday, April 4, 2011

Hate This Color!

Annie is convinced that I'm color blind.  However, I truly think that her conclusion comes from my confusion with one color (and all shades close to it): PANTONE(R) 18-3943 Blue Iris.

Is it blue or is it purple?
Not only is this color the single most confusing color in the history of mankind, but Pantone went and made it the color of the year for 2008.  So, I've been haunted by this color for 3 years.  Shirts and jackets and purses (f-u Michael Kors for making a full line of it) have all popped up sporting this evil color.  I'll usually call it purple, and Annie will look at me and say how clearly blue it is, clarifying how much I suck at colors.

I remember hearing way back in high school Psychology that guys already have a 20% probability of having blue-purple differentiation problems.  Why make it worse, Pantone?  Why?!?

Maybe Annie's the one that sucks at colors,


  1. I've decided.

    Its really neither because its a purple-blue or a blue-purple. When you squint your eyes it becomes more purple and when they are wider its more blue. The point is this color is just weird.

    Don't worry, John apparently doesn't know the difference between red and magenta- in my opinion that's far worse from trying to decide if this color is more blue or purple...

  2. XKCD did a good internet study on gender and color perception


  3. First of all, I love that article.
    Secondly, can you please tell Lauren that you are famous enough to only go by one name? It's not the name she chose to use...