Friday, February 11, 2011

Container Store

I walked into the Container Store for the first time today.  Annie had been shopping around online for solutions to her shoe predicament.  She came across some things from the Container Store that she got really excited about.  So, we drove 30 mins to Walnut Creek to find one.

The Container Store is the most ridiculous store I've ever been in.  Wrapping paper getting out of hand?  How about a wrapping paper organizer!  Been looking for shoe racks/shelves/hooks?  We've got aisles of 'em!  'You won't be able to Contain Yourself!'

I was surrounded by millions of pretty boxes, 5 fat cashiers, and 2 gay guys.  I felt like someone there should have burped up a purse like Kurt on gLee.  Meanwhile, Annie is running around like a sugar-high toddler in an orange grove.  At one point she dropped a heavy box off to me, then I saw her head poke out of a few aisles from across the store, as she gallivanted around finding things she suddenly needed.  We showed up for 2 things, and they didn't have one of them.  We still spent an hour there.  Awesome.

Also, we were apparently bickering in front of our other roommate this evening.  So much so that our roommate asked Annie if she was ok after I went out to jog with Angel.  It's funny that I don't even notice when we're going at it anymore.  It's a hobby.  First thing wrong: Annie is the mean one.  People should be checking my feelings after we argue.  Second thing wrong: we've been dating forever, so we are fully aware of everything that's wrong with each other.  We point it out regularly.  Nothing is for serious.  We reserve door-slamming, yelling, and crying for real fights.

I only wore an undershirt for my short run, but the nips were burning again,

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