Saturday, February 19, 2011

Name Mnemonics

Picture a toilet in an old, abandoned cabin.  It's the John in a Lodge.  A picture that helps you to remember the name John Lodge.  In high school psychology, I remember learning about how associating pictures when you are learning/introducing something can help people retain it more successfully.  I was immediately determined to find my own mnemonic.

My first and last name are comprised of relatively simple and common words.  I should be able to come up with a brilliant mnemonic for my name. 

Rob Reed:
Stealing a mouthpiece from a wind instrument? 
Snatching a fancy aroma diffuser from Bed, Bath, & Beyond?

The main secretary in high school always said "Rah Breed" over the P.A. when she needed me.  Hooray for sex?

I've yet to find those words that paint a perfect picture,

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